Accident Lawyer

in West Virginia

The Choice For An Experienced Accident Lawyer

When a loved one dies due to an accident, it affects the entire family and co-workers. As a wrongful death, the lawyers at Trump & Trump, L.C. are here for residents of West Virginia who wish to pursue an accidental death claim. Call today to speak with one of our attorneys or contact us online at your convenience. Once you hire Trump & Trump, LC., we work diligently to investigate the accidental death matter. Call our office today in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs to schedule a consultation.

Accidents Happen and Compensation May Be Available

Personal injury that results in death in the workplace may qualify for compensation under a company’s liability coverage. Accidents resulting in death in a residential location may qualify for compensation under a homeowner’s liability policy. Nobody expects an ‘everyday’ experience to result in death, so if your loved one dies due to negligence or other harmful cause, there may be compensation available to you.

Wrongful Death Matters in West Virginia

Trump & Trump, L.C. has accident lawyers on staff who know personal injury matters and the types of wrongful death matters that may be eligible for compensation. Once you consult with us on your claim, we can help you file the necessary paperwork and gather appropriate evidence to support your claim of accidental death. Our law firm serves residents of West Virginia who are looking for a lawyer with experience in wrongful death matters.

Wrongful Death Matters Require Thorough Attention

Every wrongful death matter requires thoughtful and thorough attention. Not only is there the initial claim to file, there may also be several parties who all require consistent contact and follow up throughout the filing and investigative process. Trump & Trump, L.C. will remain on the case until our client receives a final determination and settlement.