Passengers in ATV/UTV Accidents

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Trump & Trump, L.C. Offers Help to ATV Accident Passengers

The great outdoors can become a place of peril if you are involved in an ATV accident. If the ATV or UTV you are riding on crashes with another vehicle or a tree, riders can sustain significant injury. Arm, leg, and head injury can be an unfortunate and sometimes deadly occurrence. Trump & Trump, L.C. offers legal services to residents of West Virginia hurt in ATV/UTV accidents.

Insurance Company Claims When You Are a Rider

You may be aware that motor vehicle operators need insurance, but how does that affect you as a passenger? Most importantly, how does that affect you as a passenger on an ATV/UTV after a crash or other accident takes place? You may be able to make a claim related to the injuries you sustain being a passenger on an ATV/UTV. If the vehicle you rode on crashed with another vehicle, you may have to claim the injury with insurance companies from both drivers. This is where Trump & Trump, L.C. can help you most.

Injuries to Passengers in Auto Accidents in WV

Part of the fun of riding on an ATV or UTV is climbing or descending steep slopes and really attacking the hills. However, the weight of the vehicle on the uneven terrain may cause flipping or rollover accidents. Such incidents can throw you from the vehicle or have it crush you while rolling. The ATV/UTV could hit a tree or rock with no mercy and cause lasting injuries. In the event you are riding as a passenger and sustain physical damage, contact Trump & Trump, L.C. to speak with an attorney about your passenger injuries. We will be happy to extend our personal injury expertise and help you file for an injury claim. Call us today!