Auto Accident Lawyer For Passengers

in West Virginia

Trump & Trump, L.C. Auto Accident Lawyer Helping Passengers

Here is the scene: Your friend or relative offers you a ride in their car. Perhaps they are running an errand or a quick trip to the store. Somewhere along the way, the car you are riding in is hit by another car and it injures you severely. It does not take long to discover your life is changed forever just by being a passenger in the vehicle. Now, you face a long road of healing ahead—perhaps surgery, along with many months of physical therapy. It becomes clear that being a passenger in an accident is going to require a lot of time and attention before you might feel better or recover fully. A call to Trump & Trump, L.C. can put you in touch with a skilled auto accident lawyer who can help you. Call us in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Insurance Company Claims When You Are a Rider

As a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident, you have the ability to file a claim for the damages and losses you suffer. Medical bills alone can have an impact on your life, not to mention if you require therapy or other assistive devices to help you get around. Time out of work, the impact on your family and daily life must all be evaluated as part of any insurance claim you make. If another car hit the vehicle you rode in as a passenger, you may be able to file claim for injuries to that other insurance carrier. If your car was hit by a tractor-trailer or commercial truck, there may be multiple other insurers involved. Reviewing the details of your accident with an auto accident lawyer from Trump & Trump, L.C. can help you protect your rights as you seek to recover after the accident.

Injuries to Passengers in Auto Accidents in WV

Throughout our service area of WV, lawyers with Trump & Trump, L.C. help many people who are passengers in auto accidents. We realize the importance of recovery and getting what you deserve so you can move on after an accident. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation so you can explore your recovery options.