Car Accident Lawyer

in West Virginia

Motor Vehicle Accidents with Injury May Get Compensation

Every driver who gets behind the wheel knows there are driving rules to help keep everyone safe on the road. Even more important is the impact that such accidents can have on your daily life. You may require compensation to help recover lost wages, pay medical bills or property damage, and maybe something to help the pain heal and help you feel whole again. The attorneys at Trump & Trump, L.C., recognize and fight for persons who are injured in car crashes in West Virginia. Call for an appointment today to speak with a car accident lawyer who can let you know more about what to expect or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Negligence in Vehicle Accident and Car Crashes

Not every driver is perfect and there can be common reasons why accidents happen. However, negligence can be a significant factor when it comes to car crashes; for example:

(1) Dangerous weather or driving conditions

(2) Distracted driving

(3) Driver fatigue

(4) Driving under the influence

(5) Failure to stop

(6) Failure to yield

(7) Improper maintenance of vehicle

(8) Inexperienced or unlicensed drivers

(9) Road defects

(10) Rubbernecking

(11) Running red lights

(12) Speeding

(13) Tailgating

Helpful Tips If You Are in an Accident

Seek medical attention immediately – even if you think it might be wise to avoid any medical records surrounding the crash. When you are hurt, having a third party medical perspective can be helpful.

Involve the police immediately and file an accident report – this is helpful when establishing an insurance claim for any type of damages, physical or mechanical, that may arise.

Gather any witness information or evidence – take photos, get names and phone numbers of anyone who claims to see the accident take place.

Do not speak with the other driver’s car insurance company or adjusters – you are under no obligation to give any type of recorded statement.

To protect your rights, you may have trauma or other injuries that relate to the accident, but you and your doctor may not see them right away. Having proper documentation in the days, weeks, and months following an accident can help when you need to file a personal injury claim.

Reduce Impact of Catastrophic Crash Injuries with Compensation

Local laws reduce the amount of time you may have to file an insurance claim involving a car crash. In the meantime, a serious car accident impacts your quality of life and the operation of your main mode of transportation. Your claim may require the collection of evidence, expert witness testimony, and more. In personal injury matters, we do not get paid until we successfully get the compensation you deserve.