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We all love our neighbors until a property line dispute arises. Sensible neighbors generally find a way to mark a clear boundary line and know where a property owner’s land begins and ends. After 95 years in business and much experience in real estate law, Trump & Trump, L.C. offer property owners in West Virginia legal services to help resolve boundary disputes and property line matters. Contact Trump & Trump, L.C. online today to schedule a consultation appointment or call our office in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs.

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Our extensive history of service to residents in the region spans nine decades. In that time, our attorneys have reviewed hundreds of plats and surveys. We remain active in real estate title matters and work diligently to resolve property line disputes for our clients. Whether it is a matter of where to place a piece of fencing, or something larger that involves acres of space in dispute, we have the knowledge to sort and affirm the land in question.

West Virginia Property Line and Boundary Correction Petitions

Section 55 [55-4-31] of the West Virginia Code provides the means for property owners to maintain clear boundary lines when it comes to real estate. A Property line dispute may be corrected using a combination of surveys, titles, and deeds for the parcels of land to evidence and determine the accurate description and placement of the line in question. Parties involved may obtain additional expert evidence or testimony from surveyors or registered professional engineers. Once the parties reach an agreement, a deed of correction, may be made and signed. Trump & Trump, L.C. provides support to land owners in West Virginia as boundary line dispute lawyers, to help resolve these types of property line problems, obtain appropriate evidence, and issue documentation proscribed by the state court. Call our office in Martinsburg at (304) 267-7270 or Berkeley Springs at (304) 258-1414 to arrange for a consultation today!

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