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Breaking-and-Entering Could Cost You a Decade in Jail

Chapter 61 of West Virginia’s criminal code penalizes anyone convicted of burglary or breaking-and-entering with criminal intent with up to ten years in jail. This is why you need a criminal defense lawyer with experience. Trump & Trump, L.C. brings over 95 years of legal services to each client. We have two convenient locations, so call Berkeley Springs or Martinsburg office today.

Trump & Trump, L.C. - Types of Buildings in Burglaries

The law on burglary in Chapter 61 goes on to define the types of buildings that may be involved in a burglary offense as a “dwelling house.” It covers the four walls of a standard home and its many variations, including:

Mobile home

House trailer

Modular home

Factory-built home

Self-propelled motor home

Adjoining Outbuilding (Garage, Guest House, etc.)

Basically, any type of regular or occasional place people may live, even part-time, could be defined as a dwelling.

Burglary Could Bring 15 Years in Jail if Convicted.

Once our criminal defense lawyer from Trump & Trump, L.C. accepts your case, you will discuss effective defense strategies under the burglary laws. If you are convicted of a burglary crime, you may be sentenced to as much as 15 years in jail. Trust in the legal services from Trump & Trump, L.C. when you are charged with burglary or breaking and entering. For more information, see: