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Trump & Trump, L.C. offer a wealth of experience in child custody and child support matters to residents of West Virginia. Our lawyers have a history of helping clients with family law matters such as, child custody agreements, and modifications. We recognize there is nothing more important than the welfare of a child and understand the emotional struggle families go through. This is why we offer assistance on working out the details of child custody matters and modifications.

Types of Child Custody Matters Services by Trump & Trump, L.C.

The staff at our offices in Berkeley Springs and Martinsburg, WV stands ready to assist West Virginia residents on these types of child custody and related issues:

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West Virginia is a Shared Parenting State for Child Custody

West Virginia is a shared parenting state, which means the law in West Virginia recognizes the importance of a child having a relationship with both parents. In matters in which the parents cannot agree to a schedule of custodial allocation (parenting plan) for the children, the Court will hear evidence and determine the schedule of custodial time. The Court may consider numerous factors in determining the schedule of custodial allocation and may award one parent primary residence of the child/children with the other parent having a specific schedule of custodial time, which can vary in the number of overnight custodial awarded. In the event the parties cannot agree, the Court will further make a determination regarding decision-making responsibility for major life decisions.

While West Virginia is a shared parenting state, limiting factors may exist which would significantly impact the schedule of custodial allocation. As matters of custodial allocation are dependent on the individual circumstances of each case to the application of the law, your lawyer will review your circumstances to provide you with effective representation.

Modification of Child Custody & Child Support Agreements

West Virginia Modification Agreements for Custody or Support

Family situations change on a regular basis, so it is important to know that when your life changes, any custody or support agreements must also change. It is not effective to have a custody or visitation agreement that no longer reflects your daily life, so it is important to make adjustments or modifications from time to time. Has there been a change of circumstances? Are you relocating? Have a new work schedule? Is the amount of child support adequate? Are there changes to make on the frequency of the parenting schedule or custody order?

Child Custody & Child Support Modifications in West Virginia

Contact the Trump & Trump, L.C. office nearest you, in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs, if you are in our West Virginia service area and would like to seek a modification to a custody, support, or visitation order. These types of modifications can happen for various reasons, and might require negotiation depending on the circumstances. If you have endured a significant change, or the experience that one parent fails to exercise their custodial time, or is preventing the other parent from having theirs, consult with a child custody lawyer today to protect your rights and safeguard your interests.