& Modification Agreements in WV

Experience You Can Trust for Your Child Support Matters in WV

The attorneys of Trump & Trump, L.C. offer a history of experience in handling child support, including agreements and modifications. After handling hundreds of child custody and support cases, we feel this experience gives us direct knowledge on the importance of providing adequate support for every child. A child support lawyer at Trump & Trump, L.C. understands the emotional struggle that families go through when a contempt arises.

Learn the Terms of West Virginia Child Support Matters

Family law in West Virginia defines decision making responsibility as the right parents have to make legal decisions for their children, such as obtaining federal benefits. Physical custody relates to the place where a child may be living most of the time. West Virginia is a shared parenting state, which means the Court will determine a parenting schedule to meet the best interest of the child. Depending on the number of overnights the parent spends with the child, the parenting plan is either called “basic shared” or “extended shared.”

Trump & Trump, L.C. Can Help With Modifications in WV

After a custody agreement is final, one parent or the other may need to revisit and renegotiate the child custody arrangement. Trump & Trump, L.C. appreciates that family circumstances are often dynamic. Arrangements and agreements regarding child support, custody, and visitation may need adjustment or modification throughout the years. Our child support lawyers have the expertise to help.