CYber Crime and Computer crime

in West Virginia

Trump & Trump, L.C. – Your Best Defense Against Cyber Crime Charges

With technology growing by leaps every year, the amount of cyber crime is also on the rise. Trump & Trump, L.C. offers what may be your best defense when you are charged with a computer-related crime in West Virginia. We serve clients in the eastern panhandle and await your call. Computer crime may include use of telecommunications equipment, so offenders may be subject to state or federal investigation. Even an attempt to commit a cyber crime is illegal. You need a strong defense lawyer with skills in both state and federal prosecution.

"White-Collar Crime” Includes Computer and Cyber Crime

Being charged with a federal offense usually comes at the end of a lengthy investigation. There are several types of white-collar crime that the feds will pursue, including fraud, scams, online bank fraud, cyber bullying, soliciting minors online, and more. Be sure to speak with a criminal defense attorney at Trump & Trump, L.C. for a comprehensive consultation. Federal investigators and attorneys have the resources to spend months gathering evidence, having you or other witnesses testify before a grand jury, and working with other enforcement agencies to make sure their charges stick. Their extensive efforts often lead to a high conviction rate, lengthy jail sentences, and significant fines.

West Virginia Computer Crimes and Violations

A person whose property or person is injured by a computer crime may sue for compensatory damages in civil court. In addition, there may be punitive damages, injunctive relief, or other appropriate remedies. Court proceedings can be held with special sensitivity to protecting the secrecy and security of the computer network, data, programs, or grade secrets. Injured parties must sue within five years of the crime, or two years after discovering the violation.

Trump & Trump, L.C. - Strong Criminal Defense on Computer & Cyber Crime

If you face computer-related criminal charges from a federal agency, you need a skilled attorney to get the most favorable outcome. Be sure to consult with Trump & Trump, L.C. right away for your best criminal defense against cyber crime.