Commercial Contract Drafting & UCC Leases in WV

When Your Business Requires More Than a Handshake

Trump & Trump, L.C. Provides Business Contract Review & Drafting

Article 2A of West Virginia Uniform Commercial Code Chapter 46 defines the law for UCC leases and commercial contracts in the state. Trump & Trump, L.C. works with businesses who need contract drafting services. We review existing contracts and draft revisions as may be required under the law. While commercial contracts may contain some standard language between merchants, [buyers and sellers], lessors and lessees under contract have rights and responsibilities in the course of doing business. It is best practice to have a lawyer review contract language before final agreement or signature.

Contracts are Legally Binding Agreements Under Contract Law

Some contracts between businesses exist on little more than a nod of acceptance or a handshake. Some agreements are part of the way companies transact goods and services going back for generations. Attorneys at Trump & Trump, L.C. draft contracts for companies on a regular basis so there is a legally enforceable agreement. Elements of a contract include language to cover an offer, its acceptance, competency of the parties in the contract, the subject matter or intention to create a legal relationship, mutual obligation, and consideration or remuneration. Because contracts are legally binding, it is critical to have full understanding of the contents along with clear language, so all parties understand what to expect.

Contract Drafting Services for Large and Small Companies in WV

Larger corporations may hire staff attorneys to handle specific contracts. However, large and small companies alike in West Virginia may use an attorney’s services to draft contracts for such things as transfers of real estate, sales of goods valued at over $500, and contracts that require more than a year to perform. Contract drafting by Trump & Trump, L.C. lawyers ensures that the parties have proof of their agreement and details on satisfying those business obligations. The more complex a matter or agreement is, it is wise to consult with Trump & Trump, L.C. for sound advice on contract drafting. This can serve to prevent potential legal problems, extensive mediation, or lawsuits later.