Contractor Litigation & Standing

for Your Rights in WV

Residential & Commercial Contractors May Fail to Fulfill Obligations

Trump & Trump, L.C. stands up for clients in West Virginia who seek the services of a residential or commercial contractor who fails to fulfill obligations. Contractors generally perform needed repairs and other work for homeowners and business owners who cannot do the work themselves. They have the skill and knowledge to install or upgrade a location with appliances, plumbing, electrical, and more. Contracts for such work often run into thousands of dollars and detail the work and supplies you expect on completion. When you find a contractor fails to do the work or provide the proper grade of materials, you can pursue the matter legally to stand for your rights under the contract. Call our office today in Martinsburg at (304) 267-7270 or Berkeley Springs at (304) 258-1414 or contact us online to arrange for your consultation today!

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In West Virginia, contract work under $5,000 may be litigated in small claims or magistrate court. Although this is often a cost-effective way for certain clients to address the matter, many find it can be a lengthier process than they expect. In addition, statutes of limitation restrict the amount of time you have to sue a contractor. Our attorney can advise you the best way of suing a contractor for defects, property damage, or breach of contract. Whether you arranged for a contractor’s services as an individual or business, you have the right to sue for any flaws or failures in performance.

Lawyer in WV to Negotiate All Aspects of the Matter

Negotiation is generally the better alternative to litigation when it comes to contracts. Many clients find the negotiating process to be less stressful than taking someone to court. Therefore, having a skilled negotiator handling all aspects of a contract claim matter can be to your benefit. From sending demand letters to taking a matter to court, Trump & Trump, L.C. lawyers serve WV clients to resolve contractor claim matters in the most effective way possible for these and other types of contractor litigation matters:

Accidents or property damages

Architect, developer, or subcontractor error

Construction failures

Inadequate construction work

Late project completion

Worksite safety violations

…and more