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in West Virginia

Legal Services for Common Interest Community Agreements

West Virginia law provides for the association of common interest communities. These relate to real estate transactions involving condominiums or other planned communities or developments that operate under a homeowners association (HOA). Providing for an association that is legally binding includes recording a declaration or governing document in the location county.

Defining Boundaries and Common Elements for Covenant Enforcement

What constitutes properties, or the boundaries of each unit, and the definition of the common elements must be outlined in order to place the location on the market. The association or group uses these agreements, covenants, or understandings to enforce penalties on violators. Trump & Trump, L.C. provides legal services and advice to cooperative property owners on covenant enforcement matters. Call our office in Martinsburg at (304) 267-7270 or Berkeley Springs at (304) 258-1414 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation today!

Covenant Violations, Notices, and Penalty Enforcement in WV

Associations form because the members agree to follow certain rules and understandings. Therefore, it becomes important to enforce those rules in which the group holds a common interest. Condominium associations must follow a certain process when violations occur. They issue a written cease and desist notice to a property owner giving them ten days to cure the violation. If the violation continues or if the same rule is violated again within a 12-month period, the association may schedule a hearing and provide the owner written notice of the hearing.

State Laws Govern Covenant Enforcement in WV

Members of associations and cooperatives, as well as persons who purchase real estate in these locations, can turn to Trump & Trump, L.C. to review any questions you may have regarding covenant enforcement in West Virginia. Our offices in Berkley Springs and Martinsburg offer excellence in legal services. The purpose of issuing fines or sanctions as part of an association or cooperative is to gain compliance or agreement. Trump & Trump, L.C. works to uphold your rights under the state and local laws that control covenants for real estate property.

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