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Trump & Trump, L.C. Offers Help for Dog Bites and Attacks

Incidents involving pet attacks and dog bites are on the rise throughout West Virginia. Trump & Trump, L.C. offers legal services when a dog or other pet attacks you or a loved one. Dog bites can seem especially unreal until it actually happens. You may even be friendly with your neighbor or relative who has the pet. A trained pet or well-behaved dog could be fast and unpredictable. There are news reports of family members bitten by pets in their own home. When you or a loved one are on the receiving end of a pet attack or dog bite, call our office nearest you in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs to speak with one of our personal injury attorneys. Contact us online anytime to schedule a consultation.

Personal Injury and Legal Services for Dog Bites and Pet Attacks

A dog or other pet does not have to be vicious or belong to a certain breed to attack you and leave you with severe injuries. This is what is so unexpected about pet attacks. Some breeds of dogs have a reputation for being aggressive, even after they receive training. Some pets may attack visitors who are loud, threatening, or wear a particular scent. For some, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time and encounter a dog off its leash. Speak with our injury attorney at Trump & Trump, L.C. to find out more about legal services that might be available to you. You may be eligible to file for an insurance claim that can help with your injuries, especially if you are unable to work.

Miscellaneous Injuries After an Attack in WV

Speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Trump & Trump, L.C. may be one of the wisest decisions you make. Our attorney may be able to help you file a claim for any miscellaneous injuries you sustain after an attack in West Virginia. We have two offices, so contact the one closest to you for convenient assistance when injury impacts your life. We are waiting to hear from you.