Drug Crimes, Possession, & Trafficking in WV

Trump & Trump, L.C. Offers Criminal Defense on Drug-Related Charges

West Virginia residents who stand accused of drug-related criminal offenses require effective defense from skilled lawyers.* Trump & Trump, L.C. brings each client a history of legal services, which include effective strategies to defend you when you are accused of a drug-related charge, whether it arises from an individual transaction or part of a drug task force apprehension effort.

Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking and Distribution

*Our DUI/DWI page mentions when you or a loved one face drug charges, such as drug possession, drug trafficking and distribution, your attorney must analyze several aspects of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Was the arrest performed legitimately? Was the arrest done at the local level, at a community event, or part of an enforcement sweep with a federal agency? What were the circumstances surrounding the substance in question? How did the substance come to be in your alleged possession? These aspects and more must be discussed with our attorney to provide the most effective defense strategy appropriate for your matter.

Trump & Trump, L.C. Remind You About Your Rights

West Virginia residents have certain rights that can help with your defense. The arresting officer will give you a Miranda warning, which tells you that you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Your right to remain silent is in the Fifth Amendment, known as the right against self-incrimination. Once you have called Trump & Trump, L.C. for an attorney or had one appointed for you by the court, obey the directives of the police and wait for your lawyer to come and advise you. Your attorney can tell you what you can expect from the situation and give you alternatives. Refrain from making any oral or written statements, and do not sign a confession. Every legal matter requires consultation with an attorney for optimal results.

Drug Charges and Criminal Defense for West Virginia Residents

The drug charge against you may create administrative or investigative hearings requiring representation in addition to court appearances. If your drug charge involves agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) at the federal level, this requires criminal defense experience at a higher level than a local misdemeanor offense. Trump & Trump, L.C. offers their experience of the criminal court system and can help through the process with sensitivity and understanding. Your case deserves an attorney who can give it their full attention. We do require payment for criminal matters in advance, and credit cards are accepted.