DUI Defense lawyer

and Boating Under the Influence in WV

Call Trump & Trump, L.C. to Defend Against DUI Charges

A traffic stop can come when you least expect it. Safety crackdowns and checkpoints by police can result in drivers getting DUI charges. Taking your boat on the water might also lead to a BUI offense for boating under the influence. How do you defend yourself against these types of DUI, DWI, or BUI charges?

One, Multiple, or Repeat DUI Can Change Your Future

The lawyers at Trump & Trump, L.C. know effective ways to defend clients who face DUI offenses, and we put our years of criminal defense law to work for you. When you are accused of a DUI offense it can change your entire future. If you have had one or more prior convictions for DUI, this weighs on a judge’s decision and the penalties you face. If you have repeated DUI charges, your best defense is a strong DUI attorney with knowledge of the criminal legal system. Our lawyers help protect your rights and offer clients the best outcome in criminal matters involving DUI & BUI.

Boating Under the Influence in West Virginia

Operating a boat in West Virginia bears the same responsibility and presence of mind on the water as motor vehicles do on land. Boat captains who face an offense of boating under the influence (BUI) need the same diligent defense. Speak with one of our attorneys at Trump & Trump, L.C. today to review your BUI matter. Once we accept your case, our attorney will work on the best defense strategy based on your situation.

We Prepare Your DUI Case Like Every Other Legal Matter

Each DUI arrest case is treated with appropriate time and care in order to investigate the circumstances of the arrest and determine the best defense strategy. There may be several aspects related to the arrest that could be challenged, such as the reason you were pulled over or the type of field test used. We encourage each client to not automatically think that a DUI arrest is the same as being convicted, and we certainly do not support the idea that a DUI arrest is a small or minor matter. This one experience with the law can affect your future if you are convicted, which is why you need an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case. If you face drug charges in addition to a DUI arrest, be sure to review this with our lawyer. See our page on drug crimes for additional information.

DUI in West Virginia and Possible Penalties

Your age and the type of DUI offense against you can bring the possibility of severe fines and penalties. Be sure to review possible penalties with our lawyer. A judge who is deciding your DUI matter in West Virginia court could impose any of the following:

Community service.

Court fees.

Filing an SR-22.

Installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

License suspension.

Mandatory DUI classes.