Durable Power of Attorney in West Virginia

by Trump & Trump, L.C.

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Assigning power of attorney requires you to name a person you trust to act as an agent on your behalf. This can help you and your estate; however, designating such a person must be done with knowledge of what it means and how it works. It helps to have the full range of information to ensure your durable power of attorney does all that you want it to do.

Power of Attorney to Handle Estate Matters in West Virginia

A durable or general power of attorney document allows you to make decisions about your estate’s operations if you are incapacitated; in fact, you decide when it takes effect. A power of attorney permits you to give specific instructions about naming a conservator or guardian and it can let you name the agent you want to act as your fiduciary.

Document Your Estate Decisions and Medical Wishes

West Virginia’s Uniform Power of Attorney Act permits residents to file one form that sets forth decisions for your property, money, investments, taxes, trusts, and real estate. Consulting with an estate attorney at Trump & Trump, L.C. helps you set forth your estate decisions and medical directives. For more on documenting healthcare decisions, see our medical powers of attorney page.

Speak with one of our estate lawyers today to plan for the appropriate power of attorney documentation you need for settling your estate matters. Pre-planning with Trump & Trump, L.C. can be an easy way for West Virginia residents in Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs areas to rest a little easier.

Durable Power of Attorney from Trump & Trump, L.C.