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Personal Injury in the Workplace – Call Trump & Trump, L.C.

Employers and employees alike realize the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. However, some work situations or circumstances may be accidents waiting to happen. If you are hurt at work, especially if your employer fails to follow safety rules and regulations, Trump & Trump, L.C. is waiting to hear from you, so call us today in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Get Answers from Trump & Trump, L.C. Workplace Injury Lawyers

Are you eligible to get compensation when you are hurt at work? Liability insurance covers general workplace accidents. If you are not sure whether your workplace injury qualifies, speak with a personal injury lawyer at Trump & Trump, L.C.

Different Types of General Workplace Injuries

If you are hurt at work because your employer filed to follow safety rules or there were other unsafe circumstances in the work environment, our workplace injury attorneys will diligently seek to get compensation for your injury. Some of the different types of workplace injuries include:

Injuries to Neck/Back/Spinal Cord



Eye Injuries

Loss of Limb or Extremities

Brain Injury


Types of Industries Likely to Have a Hazardous Workplace

Generally, certain types of work environments are more likely than others to encounter a hazardous workplace. Most employers will have safety warnings or hazard signs posted prominently. Industries such as mining, drilling, construction, manufacturing, trucking, or vehicle repair will warn workers and visitors alike about such things as safety equipment, safe standing or parking zones, and more. These sites may even hold regular safety or evacuation drills periodically. Some job sites will even close areas to traffic to avoid possible injury. However, if there is deliberate intent to shirk any safety responsibilities, a business may be found liable of exposing employees to workplace dangers. Speak with a lawyer from Trump & Trump, L.C. today if you are exposed to workplace hazards or other risky situations in the workplace.