Wrongful Death Due to Hazards or Negligence

in West Virginia

Malpractice and Negligence May Lead to Wrongful Death

Caregivers who hurt persons in their care can bring serious injury and even death due to negligence. It is common for caregivers and other medical staff to experience a type of fatigue that leaves them susceptible to a wrongful death situation.

Trump & Trump, L.C. Offer Experience with Medical Malpractice

If your loved one died due to a negligent situation while in someone else’s care, you may qualify for a malpractice claim. This is when you need to have a lawyer you trust with the experience to handle medical malpractice matters. Trump & Trump, L.C. has a team of attorneys on staff with experience in handling malpractice and negligence claims. You may deserve compensation to pay for injuries or death related to:

Anesthesia errors

Becoming worse after treatment

Delayed treatment

Foreign objects



Radiology errors

Wrong dose of medicine

Wrong medicine

Achieve Greater Peace of Mind After Wrongful Death

Trump & Trump, L.C. realizes that nothing will truly compensate for the loss of a loved one who dies due to malpractice. However, you may be able to achieve greater piece of mind knowing they did not die in vain. Your claim may keep further harm from happening to others in the community. If you know your loved one died due to substandard care or negligence, please contact us today to help find the answers you seek.