Leases for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

in West Virginia

Leases for Dedicated and Mixed-Use Properties

Zoning for real estate can vary between a single, dedicated use or for multiple or mixed uses. Trump & Trump, L.C. provides leases for commercial and residential use. Over the years, our attorneys provided legal services to review and recommend the right type of lease to meet the needs of a variety of locations throughout the state. Call Trump & Trump, L.C. in Martinsburg at (304) 267-7270 or Berkeley Springs at (304) 258-1414 or contact us online today to arrange a commercial real estate consultation for your business.

Leases for Business or Commercial Rental Property in West Virginia

A commercial lease defines the contract between the landlord and tenant for a business or commercial rental property. The lease explains the basic obligations and conditions appropriate to the type of commercial lease it is. See our page on commercial leases for more information on the different types. The commercial lease contains more detail than a standard residential lease because of negotiating different responsibilities between the parties. The terms describe the property and its permitted uses, who is responsible for paying property taxes, property insurance, and utilities. It is possible to add several additional terms to a commercial lease, so it is best to have a lawyer review and/or draft the document to protect your rights.






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Residential Property Leases Between Landlords and Tenants in WV

A residential lease enables a property owner to legally let a lessee live in and use the space in exchange for a specified payment. Most residential leases are a 12-month agreement but can be for any arrangement as long as parties agree. It is generally common for a landlord to check a tenant’s credit and job status before entering into a lease. This ensures the tenant has the means to afford the monthly payment.

Additional WV Residential Lease Information

– Properties built before 1978 require a lead-based paint disclosure form.

– Security Deposit – There is no set amount for a security deposit under the law, and no time period specified in which the landlord must return the deposit, so make sure these are included.

– The landlord does not have to provide legal notice before entering the property.

Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities regarding rental agreements and leases in West Virginia is as easy as calling your nearest Trump & Trump, L.C. office in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs. Ensure your lease agreement includes protections against housing discrimination, appropriate time limits, and directions on what to do when a lease expires. The knowledgeable real estate lawyers at Trump & Trump, L.C. if you need legal assistance regarding a residential lease.