Nuisance Claims Lawyer in WV

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Trump & Trump, L.C. Holds Corporations Responsible for Violations

Far too often, corporations have a reputation of interfering with the laws that protect landowners and communities. These entities may have business practices or operations that impact the local community and affect your property rights in significant ways. Some of these infringements can have a direct impact on the very water you drink and air you breathe. Trump & Trump, L.C. holds corporations responsible when they violate the rights and interests of the community. We strive to uphold the rights of communities to live in healthy ways and protect the quality of life. 

We Take Action on Public and Private Nuisance Claims in WV

Whether a person or corporation acts in negligent ways or they otherwise intend to cause harm, it can take strong action by an attorney to get them to stop the offending practice. Residents of West Virginia may file a nuisance claim against an individual or corporate entity that interferes with your right to use and enjoy your property. Some examples include:

Agricultural Operations

Chemical Processing

Drilling Equipment

Dust Particles

Explosives & Blasting


Flash Flooding

Heavy Machinery

Industrial Byproducts

Large Trucks

Loud Noises

Mining Sediment

Noxious Odors

Offensive Smells


Smoke Emissions

Waste Disposals

Water Pollution

File an Environmental Nuisance Claim with Trump & Trump, L.C.

Depending on the matter and how severe it is, Trump & Trump, L.C. will work to file for injunctive relief on your behalf. This can be especially important if the nuisance activity affects your home and health. We can seek monetary damages to compensate you for losses and pay for cleanup where there is site contamination. Nuisance activities that involve an entire community require a law firm that knows the best means of getting justice and what it takes to stop hazardous practices.