Operating Agreements in West Virginia

for Limited Liability Companies

WV Laws Define LLC Operations and Limitations

West Virginia Legislature outlines the way Limited Liability Companies may operate in the state under Chapter 31B of the West Virginia Code. Trump & Trump, L.C. provide legal services to persons and entities seeking to form limited liability association under the state law. Call Trump & Trump, L.C. in Martinsburg at (304) 267-7270 or Berkeley Springs at (304) 258-1414 or contact us online today for a consultation appointment to discuss your planned limited liability company and what you have in mind.

Provisions in WV State Law for LLC Operating Agreements

Some of the provisions defined in WV State Law allow for limited liability companies to organize their business and operations according to the legal structure. Various parts of the law define what the operating agreement is to provide, the relationship of members and managers to the LLC and to each other. Such provisions and definitions set forth member participation in LLC operations for the purpose of conducting business.

Trust Trump & Trump, L.C. to Help Draft LLC Operating Agreements

Additional aspects of the operating agreement may pertain to transferees and creditors, member dissociation, distribution of interest, and winding up company business. Along with these final goals, the limited liability company may wish to provide for conversations and mergers, or seek to align with foreign LLCs. Wherever your LLC’s business goals happen to take the company, Trump & Trump, L.C. can work to see that your operating agreements are in compliance.

Operating Agreements for Professional LLCs Under WV Law

The experienced attorneys at Trump & Trump, L.C. provide expertise in dealing with transitional and miscellaneous provisions, and can also draft operating agreements specific to professional LLCs. Having the right operating agreement for your LLC takes business lawyers with experience and practical knowledge—the kind you can expect from Trump & Trump, L.C.