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In 2014, West Virginia law changed to allow property owners the ability to leave real estate to a person or entity at the time of an owner’s death. Trump & Trump, L.C. offer estate services known as deed on death transfers to clients in the Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs areas. When you need to manage real estate matters as part of the legacy you wish to leave someone or a worthy cause, a deed on death transfer permits you to sign and record the deed now that takes effect when you pass away. You may revoke the deed at any time, so you could still sell the property if you choose.

Deed on Death Property Transfers with Trump & Trump, L.C.

West Virginia residents owning one or more pieces of real estate can take advantage of Chapter 36, Article 12 of the West Virginia Code. Consult a lawyer today at Trump & Trump, L.C. to find out more about how you may settle estate matters using a deed to transfer property that takes effect when you pass away. Working together, we can help you set forth your final wishes and make property transfers of property easier.

Trump & Trump, L.C. Helps Settle Your Estate Matters in West Virginia

Planning to settle your estate matters is easy when you consult with an experienced estate lawyer at Trump & Trump, L.C. in Martinsburg or Berkeley Springs. Over our many years of service to these communities, our lawyers settled many estates for clients who wish to have final plans in place ahead of any illness or serious injury. Settling matters of your estate can be made easier with forethought and the right legal plans in place. Trump & Trump, L.C. offers multiple ways to settle your estate so your beneficiaries can transition a little easier once you are gone. There are financial and tax reasons that make estate settlement a wise decision, especially with the lawyers of Trump & Trump, L.C. by your side, so call today!

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