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in West Virginia

Crime with a Dangerous Weapon in WV – Call Trump & Trump, L.C.

Trump & Trump, L.C., has offices in Berkeley Springs and Martinsburg, WV, where area clients may consult with a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Protect your rights when you are faced with a crime involving a dangerous weapon or firearm. Examples of weapons labeled as dangerous and/or prohibited under West Virginia law are:


False Knuckles

FullY Automatic Weapons

Gravity Knife


Machine Guns





Sub-Machine Guns


If you are arrested in West Virginia and have an out-of-state firearm license, speak with our experienced criminal attorney at Trump & Trump, L.C. for a full explanation of your rights.

Gun Ownership in WV - Who is Prohibited?

Certain West Virginia residents are prohibited from having guns or accessories under the law, and may not own a gun if you:

(1) Are a minor under age 18 without parental permission

(2) Are an active substance abuser or are addicted to drugs or alcohol

(3) Are an undocumented person (‘illegal alien’)

(4) Are convicted of misdemeanor assault or battery against a household member (e.g., a current or former partner, spouse, parent, or child)

(5) Are legally mentally incompetent

(6) Carry a felony conviction on your record

(7) Have a domestic violence protective order that restrains you from harming a partner or child

(8) Left the military with a dishonorable discharge

Locations Where It is Illegal to Have Firearms

In West Virginia, residents are prohibited from having a firearm, gun, or other deadly weapon in their possession at a courthouse, public or private school property, onto a school bus, van, or vehicle, or as part of a secondary vocational program. This can result in a felony offense. The law does provide exceptions for:

(1) Law enforcement officers

(2) Mascots, like the WVU Mountaineer or Patriot from Parkersburg South High School

(3) Unloaded gun displayed for a school raffle

(4) Unloaded gun locked inside a car in a school parking lot

Violating a weapons proximity law may result in jail time of two to ten years, plus a fine of up to $5,000. Consult with experienced criminal defense lawyers at Trump & Trump, L.C., to remain current with the most recent laws and to ask any questions you may have regarding weapons charges:

(1) If you have questions about gun laws

(2) Are charged with violating the law

(3) Would like to get your gun rights restored.

If you have a prior weapons charge on your record and want it removed, or wish to have a conviction pardoned, speak with one of our lawyers about restoring your gun rights in West Virginia. Contact Trump & Trump, L.C. in Berkeley Springs or Martinsburg today.